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Friday, April 18, 2014


I have been doing quite a bit of sewing, mostly quilts.

As my stash of baby quilts for gifts is down to one, I made 3 baby quilts.  They are all at the longarm quilters, so pictures when I get them back.

My friend's quilt shop is starting to do Saturday morning workshops.  I told Meredith (my friend and namesake for my Meredith) I would teach a workshop.

For Easter, I get the kids candy and a little something else.  I think at their ages, they are past the baskets :), so I bought brown bags.  Using my Silhouette, I added their names and a bit of cutesy Easter.  One thing for sure, I overestimated the size of the bags!

Lastly,  the cabinets are all painted and just waiting for the cabinet maker to install the shelves and trim

I love the new look and cannot wait to see it all done.  

I am heading out to work on moving mulch and rock today.  

On the sewing table, Archer gingham shirt, which has been cut out forever.  

And this time next week, I will be hanging out with Lynne of Wonderfully Made, I am so excited to spend a few days with her.  Checking out at her shop Ellen J Goods, shopping, talking sewing and eating.  Sounds like a perfect long weekend to me!

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Block of the Month Sampler

Almost a year ago, three of us started a quilt club through my local quilt shop.  I cannot express how much I enjoy this group.  Once a month we have a meeting, with a program, show and tell and food!  One thing we started at the second month was  a Block of the Month Sampler.  The purpose of this was to learn new techniques, including paper piecing, English paper piecing (hexagons), applique, to name a few.

We were to purchase 5 yards of the background fabric and each month we would be presented 2 blocks to finish before the next meeting, which are all 16" blocks.  All the other fabrics were fat quarters we added as we went along.

I was in charge of 6 blocks.

  • the two on the left in the top row
  • 1 and 3 in row 2
  • block 2 in row 3
  • block 1 in row 4
The dresden plate came from a tutorial by 
The applique block is based on this tutorial on Moda Bake Shop
The other 4 blocks, I found ideas on the internet and scaled them block for the 16" size.

I will share some detail pictures. fun and bright blocks on this row

The block in the top middle is called Circle of Geese and it is paper piecing

Flying geese and a tutorial that is just amazing. How do people figure these things out? I am not sure but so happy they do, because I love learning the new technqiues.

log cabin paper piecing

The quilting is circles, I knew I wanted geometric design, circles seemed appropriate with the polka dot background.

Now a bit of confession time, I selected the polka dot background on a whim, it isn't my colors I usually select but I thought why not.  While I was making this quilt, I did not like it at all, the colors were too bright, too much purple, too much not me.

That changed the minute I had all the blocks set together, I went from dislike to love!  I just love this quilt and why?  Well, the colors drew me in when it became a quilt.

One more thing, the bottom right block was my last block.  I made a mistake and some of my pieces are reversed.  I had used every bit of fabric I had for this quilt and I was fine with the "new design".

Finished size is 64 x  80

I want to express my gratitude for all the wonderful comments on my blog posts.  I appreciate your kind words and the time to make these comments.  I reply to each comment, so if you had a question, I have replied right after your comment.  Also, Meredith was thrilled with your comments, thanks so much!

Friday, April 11, 2014

La Petite Salon in Gracie Girl

tula pink's la petite salon in riley blake's gracie girl

Meredith made this quilt, she is a young lady who loves bright colors and fun patterns. She picked a great combination in the pattern which is:

image from Pink Chalk Fabrics

And the fabric is Riley Blake's Gracie Girl

Meredith worked on this for a period of about 3 months, remember she is a college student and has limited time.  Meredith would lay the pattern of fabric out on my cutting table and sew a row together.  Once the row was together, she would attach it to the quilt rows.  While she was doing this, I was trying to sew, lifting up her pieces and rows, trying to find my bodice, sleeves, etc or probably the seam ripper!  It didn't take long to figure out we needed another cutting table.  Out went a piece of furniture and in came at Joann's cutting table (40% off).  That has made all the difference in the world, so much easier to sew with two people now.
tula pink's la petite salon in riley blake's gracie girl

Meredith and I attend our local quilt club which is currently having a two-color (using solids) quilt challenge.  Someone asked Meredith if she was participating, she looked at them like they were crazy.  Several members broke out in giggles, no.... Meredith cannot do just two colors, let alone solids!

tula pink's la petite salon in riley blake's gracie girl

The longarm quilter likes for you not to scallop the borders until after she quilts it.  Very understandable, keeps the edges from turning up when the machine is quilting the quilt.

I traced on the scallops using the template provided in the pattern but I made Meredith cut them out.  I didn't want that responsibility of cutting into this gorgeous quilt.  The two-sided scallop border (which is what is on the pattern) really does add a bit of the unexpected to the quilt

Meredith holding the quilt while I get the camera and self-timer set up.  I couldn't resist taking this picture

here is the quilting, gorgeous isn't it?  Meredith selected gray thread.

I think Meredith is ready for summer, a break from school and she has been buying lots of fabric.  I think she has about 5 quilts to make!
One thing I know for sure, she does beautiful work.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Winner, Winner!!!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments for the giveaway post, I loved reading them.

If you look at the comments on the blog post, blogger says I have 64 comments, 2 of those were replies of mine to comments.  With this in mind, there were 62 actually comments and I had one person email me.  This person could not get blogger to accept her comment, so I included her with the comments.  In total 63 comments and I used random.org to generate a number for the winner.......

And #5 is Beverly, congratulations, Beverly.  Please email me your mailing address and the email you would like the gift certificate to be sent

Thanks to all who entered and remember there are 4 more giveaways until the official anniversary in August.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

McCall's 6711 -Ponte Blazer

I bought this great ponte knit from Fabric Mart a few months ago but couldn't decide what to make.  I posted a picture on Instagram and a fitted jacket was the most popular garment suggestion.  I went with McCall's 6711, made first just over a year ago in a stripe knit, which I love and wear quite often.  In fact, I wore it to a fundraiser about a month ago and as I was leaving a lady stopped me.  She told me how much she liked my outfit and how nice I looked.  I thought that was so sweet of her and I know I walked with a bit more confidence in my step.

Ponte fabric - McCall's 6711 blazer

I did not line this one but I serged the seams and finished the facing with a pink knit,which this picture shows.

I cut out all the garment pieces in a single layer, helping to match the pattern with the princess seams, side seams and sleeves.  As you can tell in the picture above the pattern is only on the right side.  This made pattern matching more difficult for me.  Does anyone have suggestions in this situation?

I had one side that matched really well, in fact I think this is the best I have ever done, so I am sharing my print matching happiness.

The other side is almost as good but not quite, the sleeves are nice and so is the side seams.  One thing that has happened with my almost empty nest and no school activities to attend, I have more patience and time in my sewing.  I spent a couple of nights cutting out this jacket.  A most unusual task for me.
Ponte knit McCall's 6711

With all this print matching, my fabric ran a bit short.  I cut my sleeves a short 3/4 sleeves, but had some scraps of fabrics to add a turn-up cuff to the sleeves.  This was a nice solution to add length.

Thanks all of those you commented on my Instagram photo and helped decide what this fabric would become.  I love your suggestion!
Ponte knit McCall's 6711

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Print Mixing and Vogue 8909 with Mood Fabrics

Mood Fabrics' jersey knits for a print mixing top During my day, I love to head over to Mood Fabrics' online store and check out the what's new section, which is updated quite frequently. It is such a nice break in my day and I can contemplate all the fabrics and what they might become. After I browse for a day or two, it is time to shop! I tend to shop two different ways when looking at all the fabric goodness at Mood Fabrics. My first way is with a specific garment in mind, which in this case led to these two fabrics in my cart, the first this Mood Fabrics' Pucci-esque Bold Border Print Poly Jersey


 and this Mood Fabrics' Black and Ivory Striped Jersey

 My plan was to use the stripe for the sleeves and the print for the body of the shirt, something I had seen online. (here is my inspiration) I didn't want a close -fitting shirt, so I went with Scout Woven t-shirt, cutting it just a bit smaller for the knit.

  Mood Fabrics' jersey knit top mixing two fabrics to create a fashion forward top  

 Shopping perfection for this top, the plan came together just as I had hoped and the fabrics matched perfectly. It was kismet! I did lay out the front and back pattern piece on the print knit to take advantage of the knit's slight curved print.

 Now my second way of shopping is just to browse the previously mentioned what's new section and to also look at other Mood Sewing Network Bloggers' posts and Mood Designer Fabrics' Blog - Mood Sewciety. I find this such a great way to see new to me fabric and fabric types, see how the fabric drapes and looks in a garment, and above all just to broaden my horizons and use fabric I might not sew. This Mood Fabrics' Italian Ivory Lightweight Suiting is one I was introduced to from Mood Sewciety blog

 and it has been used in the black and red colorway. Also, everything I have purchased with the word Italian in the description has been INCREDIBLE! I ordered this with no pattern in mind. After I felt the fabric and saw how it perfectly matched my jersey from above, I selected Vogue 8909, an elastic waist and elastic cuff track type pant.

  Mood fabrics' knit fabrics in a mixed print top and suiting for track pants

 The fabric worked perfectly for this pant and I am so pleased how the pants turned out. I might be a year behind making these pants and while I was constructing them I was thinking," are these going to look good on me?" Well, I think they do and I just love them so. Comfortable and stylish and that fabric was a dream to sew and the feel, love it. Mood Fabrics' knits for a print miixed top and Italian suiting for fashion forward elastic cuff pants   While I really like these two garments together, I thought a better or different look might be a more fitted shirt with the looser pants, which was highly encouraged by a fashionista who is home on weekends at my house!

  Mood Fabric's Italian suiting used in chic track pants
 This lets you see the details of the pants... a faux front fly, two rows of elastic at the waist, a drawstring, three rows at the cuffs. I used a tricot knit for the pocket linings, for two reasons, it did not show through and I liked the weight of the knit with the weight of this Italian suiting. I did add 1" to the length of these pants and in the pictures, I might have them pulled up a bit too much.   Mood Fabrics' Italian suiting in ivory sewn for chic track pants

 The pattern even has a back yoke piece, and in this picture you can see a hint of the tricot lining (which normally doesn't show but my hands are pushing the fabric forward). I did use a piece of ribbon from my stash as instructed by Vogue for the middle section of the waistband. I do like the ribbon but if that isn't a look for you, then just forgo the buttonholes and insert elastic into that row too. One thing I do like to do on elastic waist garments, which I learned many years ago, in a sewing for kids class, is to edge stitch at the very top of the waistband. It really finishes off that edge and looks good on the waistband.

 I think I like both styles of shirts with my new pant and I am sure there are many other options in my closet   Mood Fabrics' two tops   How do you like to shop for fabric online?

Just look what I found on Pinterest on Monday, I think I might need some blue pants

Monday, April 07, 2014

Mood Sewing Network - Three Fabrics

Mid-morning over at Mood Sewing Network you can see how I used this Italian Suiting

and this black and white stripe knit
and this print jersey

Into an outfit that I knew I would love part of it but turns out I love all of it so much.

Speaking of Mood Fabrics, sign up for the giveaway for my blogging anniverary

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Stripe Plantain T-shirt

Deer & Doe has a free t-shirt pattern called Plantain and I downloaded it right away.  This week I finally got around to making it.  Here it is on my dressform from an instagram photo
I really like this shirt, it fits beautifully and the flare is just a nice hint of flare without being oversized.

I tried to get some pictures when I arrived home from work, but most didn't turn out.  Here is one with me petting Junior, this picture can go on the blog!

I did shorten the neckband, as I do with most knit patterns.  I like to shorten this pattern piece, it keeps the neckline from gaping.  This adjustment kept the top close to my body and never once did the top gape at the neckline.  I can leave over without  my top pulling away.

I wore this with my anorak jacket and the colors looked quite nicely together.  Most of the day I pulled my sleeves up, but the day was getting a bit cool so down went the t-shirt sleeves.

Eyes closed in this picture so you just get the shirt and the jacket.

Head over and download this pattern, you will be so happy you did and remember it is FREE!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Johnny B Good Shirt on the Little Guy

I made this little shirt a couple of months ago, and the little guy just grew into it.

New thing, hands behind our back and tongue out

The pattern is Johnny B Good Hoodie/Shirt

It is a great PDF pattern, with several options.  I didn't purchase enough fabric for the long sleeve, but it looks cute layered with a a thermal t-shirt.

I used my snap press for the snaps down the front.

All in all a cute shirt, sized pretty true to size.  This is an 18 mos pattern and the fabric is from Joann's