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Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Fashion Inspiration - 11

Are you thinking about making a jumpsuit?  It is a trendy garment and here is one from Asos

Here is a great pattern from McCall's 7099

There is still time to make a gorgeous Holiday/New Year's top.  Look at this embellished Elie Saab at Net-a-Porter

Use Vogue 8815 for this look

Something classic and traditional for your wardrobe?  A navy double-breasted blazer fits that requirement, this one is 

Anyone know of another double-breasted jacket pattern?  I was thinking there was one at Vogue but couldn't find it.

This is a shortened list for this Friday, it is Christmas and we are starting to get very busy.

I am going to take off the next 2 weeks and enjoy family time.  I will be back for Friday Fashion Inspiration in 2015

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tutorial at Cut Out + Keep

Over at Cut Out + Keep

I have a second tutorial up, this one applique and especially for the holidays.

See my JOY applique 

and then the another tutorial on the

I probably should make another of these pillows for a gift!  I hope you like the tutorial.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ginger Jeans for Me

I purchased Closet Case' Ginger Jeans right after it was released.

Finally last week I had time to make these jeans, using some Theory stretch twill from Mood Fabrics (sold out now).

I am so happy with the fit of these jeans, especially for the first time out.

I used the stovepipe leg but will do a skinny leg for the next 2 pairs.  I apologize for the lack of the lower leg in the photos, I had the camera zoomed in too much.

Any suggestions here?  for these lines in back?

I cut a size 10 in this pattern but at the hip and waist I cut between a 10 and 12.  I really don't need to change a thing with this sizing.

Changes I have made to the pattern for my next pair, which I am heading to cut out after finishing this blogpost.

  • Added 1" to the rise in the front, these are just a bit too low
  • Added 1" at the side seams at the back rise, tapering to 1-1/2" at the center back
  • Going to use the skinny legs for future pairs
  • I put a small dart at the center front just below the zipper, I had a bit too much fabric there.

You can look at this blogpost, I discussed what I was going to change in detail

A couple of detail shots
inside waistband

Front waistband and pocket

I love these jeans,  my girls kept saying these jeans fit you so good mom.  Thanks for such a great pattern, Closet Case Files

My camera and I are going to have a meeting during my Christmas break from work.  Everything is so dark on my pictures, I need to brush up on my manual settings.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Fashion Inspiration - 10

Oh, my I am getting a late start on this week's inspiration.  It is 9 pm central time  on Thursday and I am just starting, usually I work on this all week but it has been one of those weeks.

Enough about me, let's get to the inspiration, which McCall's just helped with new patterns just released.

A shirtdress is a great one to have in your wardrobe and this Vince Camuto is gorgeous from Nordstrom's
source above photo

The collar is a bit different on McCall's 7084 but I love the two skirt option.

source above photo

or in the sleeveless version for the same look
source above photo

A fun dress for now or summer, with the lace it looks very festive it is Simple to Foresee Dress from Modcloth
source above photo

New Look 6262 is looking like a good one for the Modcloth dress, might have to dip out the front neckline a bit.
source above photo

A fancy party dress for the holidays or New Year's Eve?  this one from Nordstrom is beautiful and check out the back

source above photo

or another similar dress from Modcloth
source above photo

McCall's 7099 is very close and the back could be made like the inspiration dress, especially if you want the dramatic effect.
source above photo

A casual maxi which with a sweater or jacket would work for now and then you would be ahead of the game for spring/summer.  This Maxi from Nordstrom

source above photo

The Sewaholic Pattern's Saltspring Dress is perfect, you could just sew the spaghetti straps in one piece and eliminate the bows at the shoulder.
source above photo

One more also from Nordstrom, Marc New York by Andrew Marc
source above photo

This Style Arc Darla calls for stretch fabric and the lines of the dress would allow for this trim.  You would have to draft it for the side trim pieces
source above photo

Happy dress making, which one is your favorite?

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The good and the bad today.

Hot Patterns Fontaine Cardigan was the pattern I used

for  this sweater knit from  Mood Fabrics.

and this suiting for the sleeves

Well, this project is one big wadder!.  The armscye stretched all out of shape, the flare of the bottom of the cardigan is quite pronounced and huge.  Take a look at the finished garment drawing and then the line drawing, don't you think the line drawing shows the flare and the sketch does not?  Sometimes I find that is the case on some Hot Patterns garments.  How do you feel about that?

Two positive  things, I might have enough sweater knit left to make a scarf and that  black suiting is amazing, especially for $7.99 a yard.  It would be perfect for one of the dresses from  Famous Frocks

Now to a bit more positive.

I am working on Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Files

from Mood Fabrics' Stretch Twill - by Theory, similar to this navy one but more this color of blue

I am not crazy about the color of the fabric but thought this is a great way to test this pattern.  Plus, I know this blue color will look good with blacks and I will like it more with more neutral tops.

I am close to complete, belt loops, snaps at waistband and hem.

This is what I found for the next pair, which I have black twill and denim ready for more jeans

  1. I need a bit more room in the seat, not much just a bit
  2. I added 1" to the hem but with flats I don't need the extra length
  3. I made the low rise and it is low, so I did the same solution for this pair as Carolyn did with her waistband.
  4. For future, I am going to add 1" to the rise and probably 1-1/2 at center back
  5. I made the leg width on this pair between the stove pipe and skinny.  I will just go with the skinny.
  6. I omitted the rivets on this pair but will always put them on for denim fabric
  7. Topstitching, for the blue and black I will use coordinating thread but for denim always a contrast.
  8. I have a bit too much fabric just below the zipper, need to research what alteration I need to do for this.  Any suggestions?
  9. On this pair I moved the pockets up, but I think with adding more length in the rise, I will not have to move the pockets up so much.

These jeans have great instructions and illustrations, the front fly is so easy to follow.  Also, Heather Lou does a fabulous job with extra information for sewing success.

I probably will finish these on Thursday and get pics soon.  I know when I finish these, I am going straight to  the black pair.

Here is a great "worksheet" from Colette Patterns on pants fitting.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Jalie 2919 in Italian Wool Sweater Knit

Just as the song states, "oh, the weather outside is frightful" that has been the case here in Missouri.   I just need to change the words from snow to rain, cold, gloomy and damp.  With the cold and gloomy in mind, I decided it was time to make something out of sweater knit.  I went with this Mood Fabrics' Italian Wool Flamestitch sweater knit  in the blue colorway but do note if blue is not a color for you it does come in three other colors.  This sweater knit is just the softest and so cozy, perfect for yucky weather.  Since this fabric arrived, I just kept touching it and admiring how soft it is.  Plus I am amazed it is 100%wool, there is no scratchiness at all.  If the flame stitch isn't for you,  there are so many other Mood Fabrics' sweater knits available.

    I wanted a cardigan for this soft sweater knit and went with Jalie 2919, a pattern I have made a couple times before but it has been a few years.  I was drawn to this pattern because of the pleats that run from the shoulder to the waist.  This pleating helped give some shape to the garment, which I felt was needed with a thicker sweater knit.  One thing to note with this sweater knit, there is no repeat of the pattern from selvage to selvage, which was a bit surprising to me.  In fact, Meredith came into my sewing room and wanted to know what I was staring at.  I said the fabric, where is the repeat and am I missing it?  No, I was not.  So the two sides of the collar, are similar blues but not the same repeat.  Keep this in mind when ordering the fabric if you want to have the fronts and sleeves to  match each other.  I really wasn't that concerned about it, the fabric is busy and fun and it does take some concentrating to see is isn't' the same.

After laying out all the pattern pieces I did realize I was a bit short on fabric, just a couple of  inches.  My solution was to eliminate the hem allowance on the sleeves.  I finished the sleeves with a small strip of black ponte binding, a great solution considering the thickness of the sweater knit.

 After cutting out the pattern, I took special care in handling the sweater pieces.  I was a bit fearful that the sweater knit would unravel especially with this looser weave.  I did use my serger for all the construction and added interfacing at the shoulder seams to prevent stretching.

    When planning this cardigan, I really thought I would leave it open but I found I liked it much better with a belt.  After taking this photos, I changed into a black shirt, jeans and this cardigan and headed to a movie.  I do know this cardigan will be well loved this winter, keeping me cozy and warm.

    On my sewing table is another Mood Fabrics' sweater knit in partial construction and I am so excited to have this type of fabric is work with.

My sweater knit did start to unravel in one spot.  I threaded a needle with black thread and did a bit of hand stitching to secure the sweater knit.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday Fashion Inspiration - 9

Back again after a week break and here are some more goodies to get you in the sewing mood.

And look thanks to Stacy, I have a button!

How does a skirt theme sound for today?

This zipper front skirt from Nordstrom.

source info above pic

The pattern would be Vogue 8750.  The front seaming is there, just add zippers
source info above pic

Sometimes it is all about the fabric, as in this gorgeous Anthropologie skirt,  I think it is the same fabric, just using both sides.  Plus adding a solid fabric at the bottom of the front panel
source info above pic

This Style Arc Ursula skirt has all the lines to recreate this look
source info above pic

This one has the look of an elegant holiday party and is from Anthropologie
source info above pic

This Simplicity 1369 is the same look but look past the picture and see the drawing and lines of the pattern.

source info above pic

This Fendi skirt over at Net-a-porter is sold out but that doesn't stop us
source info above pic

Because we can use Hot Patterns 

HP 1176 Metropolitan Rothko Faux-Wrap Skirt to make this look for us

source info above pic

or Style Arc's Clara Skirt
source info above pic

 or Style Arc's Annetta Skirt (maybe the closest match )
source info above pic

Then one more skirt, from Express
source info above pic

This Vogue 9061 would work
source info above pic

source info above pic